Through Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Medicine.

Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine is scientifically proven to treat and help many diseases and health conditions.

It has a unique form of observing the human body and it’s energy. Through this medicine we can treat and prevent you from diseases such as lower back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and migraines, Chemotherapy-induced and postoperative nausea and vomiting..

It has many of techniques, the main one being Acupuncture. We also have Chinese herbs, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage – Tui Na, Electric therapy, TDP, Heating and Fire Techniques.

The result of these technique lies in the correlations between the symptoms and signals and our Energetic Systems, and it’s proper observation. In thousands of years of existence these connexions have been confirmed and shown repeatedly. A proper and knowledgeable diagnosis is essential to a effective treatment.

Intuitive Medicine

Intuitive Medicine is a diverse healing method to assist you in the restorative process of the body. This is done through the ability of the Intuitive Healer to connect to your source energy. The Intuitive healer has a vast understanding of how the body’s natural energetic fields work and flow through the system and channels of the individual. Intuitive healing is a method that encompasses and works on the whole of the person on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.

The Intuitive healer uses their gifts, which come in forms such as visual, audial, or deep knowing and feeling, to receive spiritual guidance for the individual they are working with. This gives them the ability to unlock issues within that person’s energetic system which are keeping them from living their most aligned, balanced, joyous life.

Treatments and what to expect

In your first appointment there is always a diagnosis process through intuitive reading and observation techniques based on Chinese Medicine. After a proper diagnosis we can set the direction and goals of the treatments.

“Yeni is a dedicated, skilled and very intuitive professional.
From the first meeting, the physical, emotional and energetic well-being were notorious.
In the first session I immediately felt that I was in good hands.
Her kind, caring and welcoming approach made me feel secure and confident that I was in an environment of great care, dedication and Love.
Each session was customised to my needs and goals, and the results were remarkable.
Her holistic, person-centred approach is truly inspiring. I feel that she cares deeply about my health and well-being, and that makes me feel so grateful to have found such a dedicated and loving acupuncturist.”

Paula Bravomultireflexology therapist / trainer


First consultation

Diagnosis & Treatment (90 min)



(60 min)


Energetic and Intuitive Massage

(60 min)


Intuitive Healing

(90 min)


4 Treatments


10 Treatments



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