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Group Classes

The combined focus, intention, and breath synchronisation generate a shared energy that enhances the overall experience. There is an undeniable power in the energy that is created and shared among participants. This energy extends beyond the physical realm and can be related to the concepts of electric and magnetic fields.

Private classes

Experience Yoga in a more intimate and personalised environment. Here Yeni is able to customise every aspect of the practice to suit your specific requirements. Whether you have injuries, or want to focus on a particular aspect of yoga, such as yoga poses, stress management, meditation, or spiritual guidance, a private class can be tailored precisely to your needs. This level of customisation allows for greater progress and more results.

The value of my Yoga classes lies in the growth of my students.


"Yoga with Yeni is just wonderful! The atmosphere in her classes are so warm, supportive and empowering. As a teacher, Yeni shares her own experience, love and knowledge for Yoga in an inspiring and motivating way."

What students say about Yoga with Yeni

Before starting with Yoga with Yeni, I had occasionally practiced several different types of yoga - ashtanga, vinyasa and even hot yoga - but I couldn't be consistent, I always ended up getting bored after a while and frustrated by not seeing results. Signing up for Yeni's classes was the last opportunity I gave myself to understand if yoga was really for me or if I was just following a current trend that, after all, didn't mean that much to me. At first, I remember thinking "this is the hardest yoga I've ever done in my life", and I don't know if it was because of the challenge or because of Yeni's attractive energy, but for the first time I managed to gain consistency in my practice, and the results started to appear - my flexibility quadrupled, I gained much more abdominal strength, I diversified the positions I can do, and it brought improvements to my spine - not to mention the tranquility and well-being it brings to my days. When I miss a class, my body misses it. But what I like and value most about the classes and Yeni is: her free style, without the need for definitions, because it brings a little bit of all styles and practices; diversity abounds, not only in terms of exercises, but mainly in terms of the dimensions that you can explore - it develops much more than the physical dimension, there is also a lot of space and stimulus for the development of the spiritual, artistic and musical dimension; and the ability to adapt the classes to the energy of the room and each person's level and body. I have been learning and developing various parts of myself since being part of Yoga with Yeni, thank you so much for that.

Joana - biologist3 year of Yoga practice

Classes with Yeni are always a surprise, never repetitive. It is a safe space for expansion, evolution and exploration. I feel encouraged to explore my body, my strengths and my limits, always safely, with the full support of the teacher. In addition to the physical part that we practice deeply in classes (creative movements, expression, sequences, asana), the teacher genuinely shares her knowledge with us and guides us in the practices of pranayama, meditation, relaxation, mantra and bandha. It's constant learning in each class, where my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is reflected in my life off the mat. Thank you Yeni!

anonymous2 year of Yoga practice

I love it! The challenge of overcoming your limits based on self-knowledge.

Ellen - yoga teacher17 years of Yoga practice

A class that can't even be called a class, but an experience: finding a new version of yourself at your own pace with the gentle but firm support of a good master.

Faty - interior designer1 year of Yoga practice

A very conscious practice that helps us be aware of our body, our limits and how we can improve overall.


Yeni is lovable teacher, she give details attention to all her students, in my personal experience she challenge me more on my upside and she keep encourage me on my downside, I think it's important for me as a student and The yoga studio it's so beautiful full of light and good energy. Not to forget she always come up with a surprising event that will take you to another journey.

Eka5 years of Yoga Practice

Amazing and essential! Teaches tools to get to know our true selves and ways to live life more lightly.

Patrícia3 year of Yoga practice

Classes that allow me explore my body and my abilities to the next level. I also feel good with the people who attend the classes and I always leave there better than I entered.

Matilde - costumer services6 year of Yoga practice

Under Yeni's watchful eye, she awaken a practice more in line with my needs, which gives me immense freedom without losing my focus.

Julia - osteopath12 years of Yoga Practice

It's fantastic. Always presents solutions tailored to each person’s limitations. It gives us the freedom to focus on areas to improve. Personally, despite only practicing yoga for 2 years, I feel welcome in the classes dedicated to more advanced people, even though the level of difficulty is much greater.

Ruben - computer scientist2 year of Yoga practice

I love your classes yeni!! I will be your student forever 🙂

Mariana - university student and aspiring yoga teacher5 years of Yoga Practice

Yeni's Yoga is special and magical. From the physical part to meditation and relaxation, Yeni's Yoga combines these 3 areas in a natural and sequential way which, in turn, allows for an exponential evolution of our body and mind without us realizing it, hence the magic I feel when practice Yeni's Yoga.

Ana Isabel - accountant4 years of Yoga Practice

I started practicing with Yeni not even 1 year ago. I had been practicing for 3 years elsewhere, and the reality is that in 1 year I evolved in a brutal way. Both mentally and physically. Everything is due to the excellent person and teacher that Yeni is. With the affection you have for your students, and with Yeni Vives, you breathe the true meaning of Yoga. Thank you for everything.

Inês4 years of Yoga Practice

With Yeni I discovered a yoga that is capable of adjusting and being flexible, respecting the different phases of each person's body and emotional state. Without pain, without forcing or exceeding limits, without comparing or highlighting. I've always heard that yoga is a personal practice, but I only understood the true meaning of that phrase with Yeni's practices. I'm happy practicing yoga, I feel like I can enjoy it while evolving not only on a physical level but also in my entire mental and emotional range. The practice environment is relaxed, inspiring and this attracts good energy where knowledge and experiences can be shared. All classes are versatile and creative, and bring new challenges and different perspectives, not only focused on yoga but on different areas such as medicine, physiognomy, nutrition, psychology, chemistry, etc.
Thank you for bringing yoga to us in such a simple, genuine, barrier-free and inclusive way as you have done.

Vanessa - designer5 years of Yoga Practice

Yoga with Yeni is just wonderful!
The atmosphere in the class is so warm, supportive and empowering. As a teacher, Yeni shares her own experiences, passion, love for yoga and knowledge in an inspiring and motivating way.
During her classes you feel like you are being guided and yet have enough space to pursue your own practice. You never feel left alone and you can always count on her help and advice. She is responsive to each individual student and their needs. I especially like the fact that even if you have difficulties or something doesn't work out, it is never seen as a weakness. Since I have been practicing Yoga with Yeni I have learned a lot about the spiritual, mental and physical side of yoga and have improved my own practice a lot. But what is even better, I have found a place where everyone shares their love for yoga and encourages each other. After every class I am full of positive energy and joy.
Thank you so much for this!

Adriana - surfer and computer scientist2 year of Yoga practice

I've been doing Yoga with Yeni for about 1 year and I've loved it since day one.
Her classes are very methodical, organised and demanding (in a good way) and the spirit that is created in the student-teacher and student-student relationship is phenomenal.

Sanches - military3 year of Yoga practice

Yeni helped me discover, through yoga, a whole world unknown to me. Teaching Yoga in its various aspects, with varied techniques and dynamic classes, Yeni creates, in every session, a unique and special practice, which leads us to overcome our limits and find physical and spiritual harmony. I can't see myself without Yoga and Yeni's classes anymore

Marcela4 year of Yoga practice

Yoga with Yeni is different from the few experiences I had previously had. It is a privilege to have been the first student to sign up for your project, which I continue with assiduously and with a feeling of gratitude.
Each Yeni class is a discovery of breathing exercises, physical exercises, relaxation and meditation, given with enthusiasm that motivates each student to evolve at their own pace, no one is left behind.

José - accountant director4 years of Yoga Practice

What makes me like Yeni's classes most is the attention given to each student, whether in alignment, celebrating small victories, advising treatment of injuries and the teachings and tips we receive. It is this concern that makes me always choose face-to-face classes. Furthermore, the atmosphere in the studio is very friendly and supportive, which gives great motivation. Also the fact that no class is the same and we explore the different integral parts of yoga in different ways and intensity (breathing, meditation, asana, alignment, transitions) means that there is always an infinite learning factor.

Rita - IT2 year of Yoga practice

I really like Yeni's classes. There is always room to evolve. I recognize that I experienced changes and benefits in my life after starting this practice, at all levels. I'm a beginner in this "practice", which is much more than that, I think it can be a way of being in life. But with Yeni's help, I made a lot of progress.

Pedro - Nurse1 year of Yoga practice

Before meeting Yeni, I practiced yoga through classes and believed I needed to “learn” before committing to one in a class with a teacher. Until I went looking for it and in the first class I had a huge mix of feelings. I never thought I could sweat so much in a yoga class and it was so liberating! Yeni has a very special method, just by being herself, she can fill her classes with love, intention and presence. Transmitting us knowledge about our bodies and yoga. In just a few months I had a tremendous evolution in my practice. Yeni's classes and support according to our individual needs are very beautiful and effective. In addition to giving us a great dose of relaxation and tranquility. Gratitude

Aya - Naturopath2 year of Yoga practice

Yeni is a knowledgeable, kind, generous person, always ready to give each person the personalized help they need. She is not only an excellent yoga teacher, she is also an exceptional and very complete human being! It's an honor to meet Yeni.

Teresa - tarot reader2 year of Yoga practice

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